About Atomic Capital Minerals

Atomic Capital Minerals was formed by Jesse Combs in 2013. Jesse saw an opportunity to build a platform that would build long term relationships with landowners in various oil and gas basins across the country. Over the years we have gotten to know a lot of folks, and transacted with over 1000 owners. We strive to do business in an open and transparent fashion on a foundation of trust. In an industry that is rife with “fly by night” brokers and opportunists, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way. We want to do business with people that we know, and that know us. At the end of the day, relationships are what we are investing in.


Jesse Combs

President & CEO

Christopher Combs

Vice President

Greg Burmeister

Chief Operating Officer

Acquisition Department

Craig Anderson

Nicolaas Roorda

Ryan McClintock

Land Department

Melanie Robledo

Steffanie Milan

Andie Green


Megan Fortucci